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Brand Development | Top-10 Logo Changes of 2015

brand development corvus-logo design

Brand Development | Top-10 Logo Changes of 2015

Brand Development

Is it Time to Update Your Logo?

A Look at TIME’s Top-10 Logo Changes of 2015

When it comes to Brand Development, most people think of their logo first. The truth is, your brand’s logo is just one aspect of brand development. A quality logo is a strong visual representation of your brand, sure, but if you don’t fully understand what your brand is really all about there will be a disconnect between your logo and your company. Changing up your logo gives you an opportunity to reconnect with your brand, and in turn, reconnect with your target market. Sometimes that requires a complete overhaul of your existing brand graphics, and sometimes it just needs a little fine-tuning. Corvus believes that strong design starts with a strong understanding of your brand, which is why we take time to fully understand your messaging and goals before we jump into design.

TIME magazine takes a look at what they consider to be 2015’s biggest logo changes in THIS article. If you think you might be ready for a new look, Corvus can help!


Logo design is highly subjective. Not everybody likes the same thing. That being said, Corvus has a few guidelines we like to start with. A couple of things that Corvus likes to consider during brand development as it relates to logo design are:

What is the brand message?

brand development corvus logo sample

An original Corvus design for a Realtor who wants to stand out in her industry

The logo should convey some aspect of the brand message in its design.

Is the design too heavily influenced by trendy fonts/colors/layouts/effects?

When a graphic artist relies on trendy design gimmicks, you can end up with a logo that looks great today, but utterly silly tomorrow. Examples of design gimmicks include things like gradients, drop shadows, papyrus font (you know “papyrus” because every yoga studio uses it).

Is the design easily identifiable?

A well designed logo should be instantly recognizable, clean, and impactful. Some logos end up looking like a messy blob or have too many small details to remain clear when used in different size or print. Other considerations include how the design reflects the industry and how it relates to the intended audience.

Is the design too color dependent?

At Corvus, we insist that your logo looks awesome in black and white before we explore color schemes. While color can play a strong subconscious role on your audience, you must remember that most print applications of your logo will be in monochrome. If your logo loses pop or detail without color, then it is probably too color dependent.

TIME’s Top-10 Logo Changes

Now that you have a basic understanding of what to look for in logo design, take a look at TIME’s article about the Top-10 logo changes of 2015. Remember that TIME is not a design firm, so by “top-10” what they really mean is “biggest company names to change their logo”. Check out the article and then see below for our notes.

TIME’s Top-10 Logo Changes of 2015

Corvus’ Notes

What you will really notice by looking at this list is a shift in brand development strategy by all of these companies. The goal with many of these design changes is to create a more modern, current, relevant look. Some executed this better than others.

  • In some cases, the design change directly reflects strategic changes, as seen in the TV Land logo and their move to include more than just retro programming.
    A bold move by oculus that Corvus applauds

    A bold move by oculus that Corvus applauds

  • You will also notice a shift away from “cutesy” rounded fonts to more classic sans-serif fonts, as seen in the Verizon and Google logos.
  • Graphics also changed to more simple, strong,¬† and clean, like with Oculus, which did away with fonts all together and went with a simple strong black and white graphic. Coors Light did away with the mountain shading detail for something more sharp and less cartoony.
  • Even the poorly executed IHOP design shifted to something more simple, although I believe that trying to emphasize a smiling clown face within the design is too gimmicky.

Do You Need a New Logo?

It is important to revisit your logo and brand development on a regular basis. Too often we see companies get so tunnel visioned on day-to-day operations that they lose sight of the macro perspective of their brand, and suddenly they find themselves facing a disconnect between their brand and their target market. Corvus starts every project with an in-depth analysis of your Brand, and from there we can advise you on everything from a logo makeover, to a logo refresh, to other strategic opportunities. The first meeting is always free with Corvus, and it is here that we will provide you with our honest opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and logo. Start off the new year with a renewed drive in your brand development! Contact us TODAY for an appointment!

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Brand Development | Top-10 Logo Changes