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When developing a website, most will look for usability, one-step posting, and a site that’s easy on the eyes. WordPress sites offers these features along with many more benefits over traditional sites. The user of WordPress isn’t expected to be a tech-savvy individual with years of software experience, in fact, some have compared it to be easier than MS Word. Editing the content, posting new information, adding images or a picture of a recent event, will take only minutes and BAM, just like that it’s posted ready for viewing immediately on any device. Why waste hours of time when with just a simple click you could be done?

WordPress is a value to YOU by creating consistent brand awareness to your targeted demographic by fully utilizing all features. By making frequent posts on what’s happening in your industry, there is potential to connect with your audience that a traditional website simply can’t offer. Doing this will also encourage repeat visitors since they know that new content will be added that spikes their interest. When content is added, you see the results of your effort and the discussion it sparks instantly. Lastly, the growth potential in WordPress shouldn’t be ignored as it multiplies the number of opportunities for your site to be seen by simply adding new content. New pages are automatically created instead of having to deal with manually editing formats which can be time consuming, and annoying. This can go on and on about the benefits of WordPress, but the truth is, we’d love to show you these results

Corvus chooses to build your rejuvenated site exclusively in WordPress platforms with your brand in mind. We guarantee usability, more brand awareness, and search engine optimization. At Corvus, we know that great SEO content has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with creating useful content to put your site above the rest. The construction of WordPress is consistent that sites such as Google find appealing for indexing. We will ensure the site is SEO-friendly from the ability of it to be indexed by search engines to the titles and descriptions. Your brand identity and culture will be utilized to it’s full potential in all areas on the site.

YOUR BRAND RULES ALL. Corvus is simply here to help get you in the position to succeed.