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Page Ranking is Vital WordPress website design

Sacramento wordpress website design

Page Ranking is Vital WordPress website design

Page Ranking is Vital

Are you still in search of an experienced Sacramento WordPress website design company? If so, and you have made it this far, go ahead and stop looking. Corvus is going to be able to go above and beyond all of your needs, for either yourself or your business.

Our staff not only constructs your site on a WordPress platform, but we will also teach you about page rank and just exactly what that means. There are so many different aspects of business development and maintenance that is overseen in our company, but we do not stop there. Making sure that our customers are an integral part of the decision making process is huge to both our success and theirs.

As far as page rank, there is a detailed equation that Google has implemented and tried to stick with however once in a while they will see where it needs to be tweaked in order to be a bit more specific. Many of our customers that come to us do not even understand why page rank is important.

Page rank is vital to a websites success. It will determine who sees the site and who does not. If the proper key words or key phrases are not used your site will be missed, by virtually everyone. Being at the top or at least on the front page of Google is crucial. Your webmaster of course will control which pages are linked to the search engines, but in an ideal world a great webmaster will see to it that they are all linked.

Now there are reasons why your page would be penalized. The most popular one is when you do not have a webmaster and choose to use a link farming software. This is by far the quickest method to get your site kicked to the back of the line!

Rest assured that at Corvus we do not use any link farming software. We work entirely to benefit our client.