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Sacramento Marketing | Why Corvus Puts “Branding” Before “Marketing”

sacramento marketing-brand before marketing

Sacramento Marketing | Why Corvus Puts “Branding” Before “Marketing”

Sacramento Marketing

You can’t effectively market your company until you are effectively branded…

“Branding” seems to be the latest industry buzz word these days, but at Corvus, branding has always come first. When a client comes to us for help with their marketing, advertising, SEO/web design, or public relations, the first thing that we always evaluate is “Brand”. Why? Because Corvus believes that without a clear and strong brand, your marketing will be incomplete.


Corvus has just one rule: “Your Brand Rules!” However, we have found that many companies, both large and small, often times do not fully understand their own brand or how to articulate what their brand is. Or in some cases, maybe they have not re-visited their brand in years. Or in many cases, people have confused “marketing” with “branding”. But why is this important? And what is the difference??

In the hierarchy of things, Corvus puts your Brand at the top of the heap. Your Brand is your company’s voice, it is what makes your company special and different in a crowded market. Corvus takes time with every client to make sure that we fully understand your Brand before we begin any projects. We also make sure that YOU fully understand your Brand, so that you can be consistent in your message and goals.


sacramento marketing-branding comes first

Without a strong brand, who knows who hears you?

Once your Brand is understood you will realize that you have a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you do. From there it will become not only easier to reach your audience, but your efforts will be much more effective. This applies to all forms of communication, from marketing, advertising, and digital media, all the way down to the smallest details of presentation in your letterhead, paper forms, and business cards. By having a clear message about what your Brand is all about, you will suddenly find that your message resonates with your audience better than ever.


Your marketing should begin with proper Branding, and Branding should begin with Corvus. If you need help identifying your Brand, or developing your brand messaging, Corvus is the Sacramento Marketing agency to turn to. Not only can we develop your Brand Guidelines for you, but we can fine tune your logo and website to compliment and accurately portray your Brand. From there, Corvus can help you with the creative and strategic development of your marketing, advertising, and SEO efforts. CONTACT us today for a free evaluation of your current Brand!

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 Sacramento Marketing | Branding before Marketing